Dove Beauty Bar (Germany) - 135 g

Dove Beauty Bar (Germany) - 135 g | Soap & Body Wash | Bath & Skin at
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Dove Beauty Bar (Germany) - 135 g
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Dove Soap is gently fragranced and will gently cleanse skin. This soap has been scientifically formulated by baby experts. This gentle & mild formulation will cleanse and soothe skin without drying.    
Key Feature
1. Dove Beauty Bar contains Dove's classic moisturizing formula
2. With ¼ moisturizing cream, Dove Beauty Bar helps your skin maintain its natural moisture barrier and keep skin hydrated
3. Dove Beauty Bar leaves skin feeling softer and smoother and looking more radiant when compared with ordinary bar soap
4. Formulated with mild cleansers, Dove Beauty Bar doesn’t dry skin out like other soap bars     
Brand  -  Unilever
Type  -  Soap
Quantity   -  135 g            
Origin - Germany

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