Find the Right Feeding Bottle for Your Baby

Find the Right Feeding Bottle for Your Baby

Feeding Bottle or milk bottle is one of the essential items of baby care. People who can not breastfeed swear by the Feeding Bottles. Even if you breastfeed, you still need a Feeding Bottle when you are not around. The working moms pump and store breast milk or formula milk in baby feeding bottles.


You must select a good feeding bottle. It is necessary to keep your child safe and healthy. Think about it well and find the right feeding bottle for your baby. Keep reading for tips on picking your babies' milk bottles.


Quality of feeding bottles:

Find the Right Feeding Bottle for Your Baby

As parents, you always want to protect your baby from any diseases. You want to give everything of good quality to your kid's mouth. It is wise to choose good quality feeding bottles for your babies to protect them.


The feeding bottles for babies come in different materials. In the market, you can find plastic, glass, silicone, and stainless steel feeding bottles.


Which one is the best? The most popular ones are plastic and glass. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us go through them, and then you can decide for yourself.



Some people like to have glass bottles for their babies. It is more durable than other materials. Still, they are heavier. Moreover, it is way more expensive than Plastic feeding bottles.


Glass feeding bottles also have the risk of breaking. So it becomes difficult to handle it. You can opt for silicone sleeves on the milk bottles. It prevents the glass bottles from shattering.



Plastic feeding bottles are the most popular and common among parents. They do not shatter. They are also lightweight.


As plastics are not suitable for health, you must replace them often to be safe. It would be best if you opted for plastic feeding bottles with no bisphenol A (BPA). Still, plastic bottles are only sometimes safe, especially when you heat them in the microwave.



You can find Food-grade silicone bottles in the market. They are usually lightweight and flexible. They do not contain BPA. It is a benefit.


Silicone feeding bottles are rare to find. They are also more expensive than other bottles.


Stainless Steel-

The stainless steel feeding bottles are durable. They are free of toxins and safe for babies. It is also expensive.


You can not see the inside of a stainless steel feeding bottle. It is the only disadvantage. You can not understand how much milk your baby drank.


Disposable Liners-

Some feeding bottles have sterilized plastic liners. You can throw it away after using it.


The Disposable bottle liners do not let milk stick to the Bottle. It helps you to clean the Bottle. You must remember that they are costly. It is also not eco-friendly.


Choosing the right nipples for feeding bottles:

Find the Right Feeding Bottle for Your Baby

Nipples are the essential thing when choosing the right feeding bottle. Your babies put the nipples into their mouths while feeding. Some bottles have default nipples with them. It leaves you with no option.


You must be careful and check the nipple of the feeding Bottle you are buying. Check the quality of the nipple along with the feeding Bottle. There are not wide varieties of feeding bottle nipples. Just take care of the following factors while choosing the nipple of the feeding Bottle.


The Nipple material:

You can usually find Latex and Silicon nipples in the market. Let us go through the details and compare them.


  1. The silicone nipples last longer than the latex nipples.

  2. The silicone nipples are resistant to heat.

  3. You can easily wash the silicone nipples in comparison to the latex ones.

  4. The silicone nipples are free from bacterial infections.

  5. In terms of the more accurate feel of a mother's nipples, you can go for latex nipples.

  6. The latex nipples are more flexible than the silicone nipples. The latex nipples are also soft. So they do not hurt your baby's mouth. It is a safe choice.

  7. Some babies may have allergies to latex nipples.


Size of the nipple-

The size of the nipple is an essential factor in feeding a baby. It helps in the proper feeding of the baby. The size of the feeding Bottle must be apt for the baby. It must have a steady flow of milk.


The flow of milk gets slow with small bottle nipples. At the same time, the big nipples of feeding bottles result in milk overflow. Smaller or bigger nipples lead to babies stopping feeding themselves.


Not having the right size nipple is a significant reason babies do not have milk properly from the Bottle. Sucking fiercely or a frustrated baby while feeding might indicate something wrong with the nipple.


You must replace the bottle nipples if they have cracks. It would help if you also thought of replacing them as they start thinning or losing their color.


Type of nipples-

There are different types of nipples and their shapes. Each baby likes a different nipple to their feeding Bottle at different ages. Let us know about them in detail.


Typically nipples have a broad base. They are best for babies moving from breast milk to bottled milk. They are most similar to the mother's nipples helping the kids to adjust better.


You can also go for orthodontic nipples. It is the best for teething babies. They have a flat shape at the side. It rests well on a baby's tongue.


The Vented nipples can be expensive. It has a small hole. It does not create a vacuum in the Bottle. It helps the milk to flow effortlessly from the Bottle to a baby's mouth. It is beneficial in avoiding gas and colic in babies.


The right bottle size:

Baby bottles are usually available in smaller sizes ranging from 4 to 5 ounces. The larger feeding bottles come in sizes from 8 to 10 ounces. Newborns need small feeding bottles. Babies grow up quickly, and so do their feeding bottles. You can save money by going straight for bigger bottles.


The shape of the feeding Bottle:

There are straight feeding bottles as well as angled feeding bottles. You can opt for ordinary straight bottles. The angled feeding bottles prevent your baby from swallowing air. They help in preventing gas formation. 


It would be best if you went for feeding bottles with broader necks. They are easier to clean than straight bottles. You must also invest in feeding bottles that turn into sippers once your baby grows up.



As new parents, it must get confusing for you to choose the best feeding Bottle. The article includes details regarding various feeding bottle materials and parts to choose better. You must choose the right feeding bottle to feed your baby correctly.


After choosing the right feeding bottle, cleaning it well before the first feeding is essential. You must sterilize the parts of the feeding Bottle and nipples. Put them in boiling water for five minutes before using them for your baby.



        Which feeding bottles are better? Straight or angled?

Angled feeding bottles are better for colic babies. They avoid gas formation.


        What causes the overflow of milk during feeding?

Larger nipples may cause an overflow of milk during feeding.