10 tips and tricks on how to organize baby clothes properly

Organizing baby clothes in a pretty way is very enjoyable. It provides a mother with satisfaction. Babies need more and more clothes than us, so we must know how to organize baby clothes. Do you have ideas on how we can complete organizing them? 

After having a baby, many relatives and friends visit our house to look at both the baby and the mother. And imagine the clothes piling up everywhere in the house? Doesn't that look like a mess? Get out of such a messy situation by fantastically organizing baby clothes. 

We will give you ten stunning ideas to organize the clothes for your baby. Once you go through the entire post, you will feel satisfied for sure. We can guarantee you. Begin the article and stay tuned will the very end. 

how to organize baby clothes

How to organize baby clothes?

Naturally, babies have more clothes than adults; therefore, organizing them separately is essential. Let me know if you have any idea how to organize baby clothes. Being new parents, you might not have any idea. It's okay to don't know anything about organizing baby clothes. We will take responsibility for letting you know everything with the most innovative ideas. 

The ideas we will discuss in the post will be worthwhile. Our team has helped so many people with fantastic ideas. This is why we guarantee you the picture will help you a lot. Let's take a glance at those ideas. 

  1. Find out the clothes that need to be hung or folded

In the first instance, we ask you to divide the clothes into two groups. Keep the clothes on one side that you can hang out on; on the other, keep the baby clothes that you would like to fold. 

The sweaters, frocks, shirts, gowns - these are a few baby clothes that are perfect for hanging. Whereas you should fold the pants, socks, etc. You might have more items that you can include on the list. Do you as per your convenience. 

2. Store the clothes that your baby rarely wore on any occasion 

Secondly, you need to find clothes that are not for regular use. We don't attend any parties or events regularly. If you have such baby dresses that you want your baby to wear only on occassion, you need to store them aside and keep them safely in the corner of the almirah so that you can find them easily while required. 

3. Store clothes that are useless for your baby at present

Do you know that you can show humanity with useless baby clothes? It's possible. We see many people on the footpath who need help to collect daily food and clothes. You can donate the clothes that your baby doesn't use now. In this way, many parents can buy their babies clothes by borrowing them from you. 

4. Fold the clothes that you want your baby to use regularly.

Babies used to pee (urinate) and potty (stool) several times a day. We need to change them every time to keep them safe and healthy. It's a reason why babies need more than 5 or 6 clothes daily. 

After figuring out the clothes for regular use, you can store them in baskets separately. Use one basket to keep their pants and pajamas and another to keep only the dresses or tops. 

how to organize baby clothes

5. Use a drawer to keep the small items.

Babies need several small items daily. The small things that a baby needs regularly are bats, socks, bibs, and many more. You can keep every small item a baby might need in a drawer. It will take a few places. 

Babies are susceptible. It's essential to keep a baby warm, especially in winter. Now that it's winter, babies need some extra care than in summer. We suggest keeping the usual items near the baby, so the mother can get those items quickly near their hand. 

6. Use chalkboard paints

Suppose you have a lot of baby clothes for regular use and you have 4-5 drawers; how will you remember which drawer is for which item? It can puzzle you. We have some ideas. If you follow the ideas, you surely will be able to find out clothes easily. 

Suppose you keep the baby socks in a drawer; you can write on the drawer "SOCKS," and you keep pants in the other drawer, then write down "PANTS" on that. Isn't it an easy way to get usual things easily and quickly? You can also paint symbols if you feel uncomfortable writing in words. 

7. Use door shelves for small bedrooms

When your bedroom is small, you should find every possible place to organize baby clothes. How will it be to use door shelves to keep the clothes? Try this one if you have small bedrooms. 

8. Use clear bins to keep the clothes after the baby grows.

Babies grow faster. As soon as the baby outgrows, the previous clothes will not fit the baby's body. In this situation, you must have someplace to keep them away. You can store those clothes for your upcoming baby or save the sweet memory forever. The choice will be yours. 

Using the clear bins, you can keep away the clothes that are too small for your baby. Thus you can free up the place and use them to keep some new clothes. 

how to organize baby clothes

9. Get a wicker tray

Lastly, we want you to get a wicker tray. You must be thinking, why we are asking you to have a wicker tray? Let me give you the clarification. Being a mother, you must know how much dresses get wet for the baby's pee. We must wash them.

However, it's not possible to wash them instantly. So we can store them all on a wicker tray to wash them together the next day. 

10. Use shoe racks

Have you ever thought of a show racker as a baby clothes organizer? So many parents are here who can't afford luxury storage systems. They can use a shoe rack. Try it once; no one will be dissatisfied. 


Our life changes a lot after we become parents. We find happiness in every little step that is related to the baby. We saw so many parents getting interested in knowing how to organize baby clothes. If you are one of them, we hope the article was worth it.