7 Ways on How to start bottle feeding a newborn With Miraculous Tips

Knowing the proper way of bottle feeding a newborn baby is one of the most challenging tasks in the world. The feeling can't be expressed in words; only a mother can relate. After 2 or 3 weeks, a baby gets eligible for bottle feeding, so everyone must wait till then. 

The baby may not take the nipple easily on the first attempt, but that doesn't mean they will never accept bottle feeding. Try to make a routine and feed them every day at the same time; that's how they will start bottle feeding. 

Do you want some more tips on how to start bottle feeding a newborn? Please complete the post without skipping any lines. 

how to start bottle feeding a newborn with Miraculous Tips

How to start bottle feeding a newborn? 

Are you planning to practice bottle-feeding your baby? Feeding a newborn baby in a bottle is very tricky, but no one can refuse bottle-feeding babies just because it's a difficult task. We need to know the proper ways of doing it. 

Doctors or experts suggest waiting 3 or 4 weeks after the baby's born to convert them to bottle feeding from breastfeeding. Once 3 or 4 weeks pass successfully; you must show bottle feeding to your baby. Starting it will not be easy, but it will be easier with the tips mentioned in the post. So let's learn how to introduce your newborn baby to bottle feeding. 

how to start bottle feeding a newborn with Miraculous Tips

  1. Preparing a bottle for the regular feeding place

Taking the first step up is relatively easy. As a mother, you need to take a bottle with a nipple. However, you need to check the size of the nipple so that the baby can suck it. Whether it is cow milk or any liquid, you should warm it; if you want your baby to eat breast milk, you don't need to warm it. 

The milk can be anything, but one must not add cereal to the bottle; it may cause the baby to choke. This is how one can prepare a bottle.

  1. Testing the bottle

As a second step, we include the test of the bottle. Before one goes to feed the baby, then must check the temperature. Now you may ask how to check the temperature. Well, that's so easy. Just disclose a few drops of the milk to the wrist of your hand. In this way, anyone can examine if the milk's temperature is okay or too hot. 

  1. Set a perfect feeding position

Choosing a particular or regular place to feed your baby is essential. That's how the baby will be familiar with the feeding place. To make the baby comfortable and relaxed, you must hold the bottle for at least 20 to 30 minutes daily.

Choose a time when the baby is a little hungry; in this situation, babies get interested in finding a new food source. In the meantime, they will be habituated to the bottle of milk. Let me explain why they won't accept the bottle on the first attempt. Because they get habituated to breastfeeding, they get confused about why they are not getting the feed from the breast. 

But to make the changes, you can ask for help from the baby's father, grandmother, or anyone else. A few minutes later, change the side of feeding to introduce the baby to new changes and also, you will get relief from the arm's pain. 

  1. Check the bottle's nipple.

A mother's duty will only get finished when the baby starts to take the feed from the bottle. See the mouth of the baby carefully. If you find too much milk is dropping down from the baby's mouth, then you should understand the nipple is too fast according to the baby's taking power. 

One more thing is there that you need to check. See towards the baby's face, and if you find that the baby gets frustrated with the nipple, we ensure that the feeding flow is too slow. So try a new nipple that gives medium flow. 

  1. What to ignore

Newborn babies indeed have connections with their mothers. This is why they can smell their mother easily. If such things happen to you and the baby, ignore to get fed, then try to feed the baby in an individual room. 

  1. Try different things to feed the baby.

Whenever you make a first attempt to feed the baby, they might refuse to take the nipple as they are not habituated to such things. So many parents get irritated here and lose their patience. However, no matter how annoyed you feel, never force the baby to take the nipple up. 

Look into the baby's eyes and try to talk or chat with them. In this way, babies got pleased, taking the bottle feeding quickly. Those who continuously try to bottle feed them, but the baby won't get convinced, should try out the same process the next day. 

  1. Remember the same routine.

Babies love to follow routines. Don't you believe it? Then try once. Feed the baby at the same time every day in the same place and check the result as before and after. 

How to understand if the baby is hungry or not? 

One should feed the baby only when they are hungry, but how do we understand if the baby is hungry? If there any sign that tells the baby is hungry? You will get all your answers; look at the list mentioned.

  • When you see the baby sucking their hand continuously, you should know they are hungry. 

  • When a baby feels hungry, they open their mouth, look carefully, they stick their tongue out.

  • A baby rubs his mouth on the mother's breast when they get hungry.

  • If you find your baby repeatedly crying after some time, you should feed the baby immediately. 

how to start bottle feeding a newborn with Miraculous Tips

What if the baby won't take the bottle feeding?

Are you tired of feeding the baby in a bottle and want to know how to start feeding a newborn? Then we have a lot of techniques to introduce to you. No matter how often your baby refuses to take the bottle feeding, they won't ignore you once you follow the mentioned techniques.

  1. When the baby is free to play with anything, let them play with the nipple. They will start playing with the nipple and try to suck it; once they will suck the nipple, they will begin to get fed on the bottle soon. 

  2. Try milk at different temperatures. Give them warm-temperature milk, offer them cold dairy another time, and try to understand what they prefer. 

  3. Try feeding them at different times. Try to offer them bottle feeding during the day; if you find they refuse to take it during the day, try to feed them at night. In this way, you can learn their time of feeding. 

  4. Hold the baby on your lap by supporting their head and shoulder, make eye contact, and disclose the nipple to the baby's mouth. 


We want to thank all of those who have checked out the post. Hopefully, the article will not let anyone feel down or helpless. The article has been covered with all the necessary information. While reading the article, any mother will be able to relate to the situation for sure. Can we expect readers have understood how to start bottle feeding a newborn?